Jack Daniels Soap

Just to note, this was not my original idea. I found this somewhere on pinterest, so take no credit for it. But i’d like to just show you how well it worked! So for this, I used an old Jack Daniel’s bottle (can’t stand the stuff so let someone else drink it!) and found a … More Jack Daniels Soap

Yo! Sushi Faves

Today, as an after exam treat, I took myself and a friend to Yo Sushi, one of my favourite sushi restaurants. I’m going to do a short and sweet post about my favourite foods at the restaurant. And remember, I don’t eat raw fish so this is great for the fussy eater!   So how … More Yo! Sushi Faves

Prawn Saagwala

Today I have been in such a mood for an Indian curry. My mum makes an amazing saag paneer recipe, which is spinach and curd cheese recipe, lightly spiced and with a splash of cream to make it extra indulgent. This has to be probably my favourite dish in the whole world, and was the … More Prawn Saagwala

Fairy Juice

I was really, really craving a milkshake earlier today, one of those sweet, sickly Nesquik strawberry ones….(as I’m writing this my stomach is rumbling). But trying to be healthy means those are completely off the menu, so I had to improvise. This is how I came with the simplest, and kind of healthy, fruit milkshake … More Fairy Juice

Visiting Falkirk

I’ve been home in England for four weeks holiday and now I’ve come back up to Scotland for the last term of the year. As a treat, my parents took me up to Falkirk, just an hour or so north of Edinburgh, where we visited the kelpies and the falkirk wheel. The Kelpies The kelpies … More Visiting Falkirk