Visiting Falkirk

I’ve been home in England for four weeks holiday and now I’ve come back up to Scotland for the last term of the year. As a treat, my parents took me up to Falkirk, just an hour or so north of Edinburgh, where we visited the kelpies and the falkirk wheel. The Kelpies The kelpies … More Visiting Falkirk

Easy Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is one of my favourite ‘easy meals’ to make. The cooking doesn’t take much longer than 30 minutes, so it’s a great for eating in the week after a long day at work/uni. I’ve honestly been obsessed with Asian food, including Chinese and Japanese, for so long. It’s quick, easy and super … More Easy Egg Fried Rice

Lunches in Jars

I’m always bad for buying lunch in the cafeteria because homemade lunches seem too boring or unappealing, but that can really end up being way too expensive. On a student budget lunches that cost £5 each time are just completely unfeasible. So how did I fix this? Make a lunch that’s appealing and cost-effective? Simple. … More Lunches in Jars