My Favourite Teas

I’m the most unstereotypical British person ever. I do not like tea.

Well….I don’t like the bog standard black teas, those which the British are famed for drinking. Sure, I may get strange looks when I tell people I’d rather have herbal, but hey ho, I don’t think i’ll ever like black tea! Whenever I drink it I am reminded of being fed the most milky tea ever as a child, a drink that’s more milk than tea and simply tasted vile.

But herbal teas however, I am a huge fan of. Especially the sweeter variations such as berry teas. In addition to taste, I like to drink herbal teas for their various health benefits. Now, now, don’t scoff. I understand that lots of people think this concept is just ridiculous, and say there’s no science to it, but I personally think they can do some good, but maybe not in the way you think they might…

Let’s take chamomile tea as an example; I use it for relaxation and to help me sleep. Scientific studies have found that there is no correlation between chamomile and better sleep (, and there was no difference between the placebo group and the chamomile group. You may be asking what a placebo is; Basically, when doing an experiment like this, the placebo is in essence a ‘fake’, whereby the participants think that they are taking the chamomile when they are actually taking something else. So therefore a placebo relies on the psychological significance of taking the tea. Okay, so I completely er on the side of science, chamomile tea probably does nothing directly physical to the body to encourage sleep, but psychologically can have some beneficial effects, which in turn cause physical effects. Therefore why not drink chamomile tea? A) Your body is tricked into thinking this is a beneficial thing that actually works and B) It tastes good!

Chamomile isn’t the only tea to have been known to have beneficial effects on health, and I am not going to discuss the science (or lack of) behind each, except tell you how I personally feel about the tea and whether it works for me.


Chamomile Tea

So as I’ve said already, chamomile tea is great for sleep, but also has good effects at reducing anxiety and stress – it is a very calming and relaxing drink. I like to have a cup just after dinner to help with my sleep. I don’t have it too close to bed or I will probably end up getting up in the middle of the night for the loo!




For me, turmeric tea is probably the best thing I’ve ever drank when on a heavy period. After just one cup I felt much happier with a lighter flow and less pains. I would definitely recommend this. Just search a turmeric tea recipe online – I definitely used a recipe based on ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, sugar and milk. It may also be possible to buy a pre-made teabag involving turmeric but i’m unsure.

Ginger Tea





Ginger tea is known to have beneficial effects on nausea and can really settle your stomach. I will often drink it just before exams or if i’m feeling particularly anxious and stressy.



I’ve never tried lavender tea personally but I am definitely going to add some to my Lavendercollection next year. Much like chamomile, it is supposed to calm you down. App


arently pure lavender in tea is quite strong so it’s advised to get a tea that just involves lavender than making your own with dried lavender.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Okay i’m not sure if this is technically classed as a herbal tea but I am a fan of green tea’s health benefits. My boyfriend drinks this every day and thinks it’s a ‘miracle drink’, making you lose weight and get a higher metabolism. I do not like the taste of green tea and a lot of people have said that it will get better the more you drink. Currently I drink a lemon green tea by Clipper, and I mix a spoonful of honey in with it to make it more palatable. Green tea is probably best drunk with breakfast in the morning, as it also often contains caffeine to give you an extra boost. To make green tea, don’t use freshly boiled water, let it sit for a while, and steep the bag for no longer than 1 minute. Otherwise the tea can be bitter and won’t taste as good – but of course, if you are a seasoned green tea drinker you may like it steeped for longer!



PeppermintPeppermint Tea


Peppermint tea is great for drinking when you have a cold as it helps to clear your sinuses. It also tastes amazing (I may or may not have an addiction to mint….xD)

SageSage Tea

Again, I haven’t personally tried this, I’ve heard it can be good for depression like symptoms and also can reduced PMS. An all round happy drink 🙂

Apple Tea

Apple Tea


No health benefits that I know of but Turkish Apple Tea is one of the most delicious drinks ever I swear! I first tried it in Turkey when I was much younger and fell in love. Recently I found some instant apple tea sold in Whittard’s, and it is great served hot or cold.



~ Kia


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