Forgetful me.

So a few months ago I started on some antidepressants, and for the time being I think they may have actually started to work, helping me to get through my uni exams. I took them religiously and I did feel like I was on the path to recovery.

Exams finished and I headed back home for the summer. I started doing work at home and well…I got a bit forgetful. Two weeks later and I realised I hadn’t taken my pills. Now, I didn’t feel any different at all, and in all honesty I think it’s the exhaustion and distraction of working.

I have had a few rough moments and bad days, but overall I think having a distraction is much better than the pills were. I think that when i’m back at uni things may change, having an on off timetable and what not, but for now at least I can try and take hold of myself without needing the pills necessarily.

I’m just going to take things day by day.

~ Kia


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