Beautiful Land’s End

Nearly every year, my family and I travel down to Land’s End, at the tip of Cornwall, a peninsula county in Southern England. It’s well-known for pasties, surfing, abandoned tin mines and what I believe to be the greatest fish and chips in the world. We usually stay relatively close to Land’s End, and I have been there enough that I now know it very well.

I have composed a list of some great things to do in Cornwall, based on my last trip down there in 2016.

1. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary – Gweek

This centre rescues and rehabilitates injured seals and pups, also having some long-term seal residents. They’re obviously very photogenic, as shown below!dsc_0206

The centre also has a small group of penguins and a pair of otters. The centre is full of lots of families, meaning it is actually quite loud and busy, especially in the holidays. But i’d still recommend going here at least once – you might as well whilst you’re in Conrwall!


2. Visit the Minnack Theatre


An outdoor theatre built into the cliff near the stunning Porthcurno beach. Many genres of play are performed here, including Shakespeare classics such as Twelfth Night. It gets a little chilly out there during the night time, so bring a blanket and maybe even a cushion. Make sure to look out for basking sharks – this area is perfect for them.

3. Visit Portheras Cove

A charming little beach with it’s own car park just up on the cliff, at a great farmhouse which is often rented out to holidaymakers. To get to the cove, it’s a short and rather pleasant walk


4. Gwenver Beach

One of my favourite beaches for body boarding and surfing, if you’re into it. It has a large car park at the top of the cliffs and a long set of steps down to the beach. There are lifeguards on duty all summer, so it’s relatively safe to go to. In addition it is a great place to go on some lovely coastal walks. In fact, just a short distance along the beach my parents and I scattered our dog’s ashes. It was sad, of course, but was great to let her go in such a magical place.


5. Sennen Cove

One of the most beautiful coves around Land’s End. It’s a small, town, with a pub and some small cafes, making it an ideal seaside location. Furthermore, it’s really accessible to the public, with numerous pay and display car parks and the beach being level with the road. In addition, you can easily walk along the coastal path all the way to Land’s End – a great thing to do just before sunset!


Last year, we caught a small dance/show held on the beach at sunset. I can’t quite recall what it was about, but the performers were amazing, accompanied by a large choir. They even ran into the cold see to carry on dancing. It was absolutely spectacular.


6. Botallack Mines

Head over to these abandoned mines and enjoy amazing scenery and incredible relics of the tin industry that once thrived in Cornwall. My mum and I used to come here and draw the old buildings. After you’ve had a wander around, head over to the Queen’s Arms pub, and have a great home cooked meal for not too shabby a price.



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