So one of my main hobbies, keeping me calm during my studies, is all kinds of art. But for me, it almost always has something to do with animals, and especially horses! It really detaches me from the world, preventing stresses and allowing me to escape.

I’ve always had an arty side to me, with my mum being an art teacher and my dad being quite skilled himself too. I had undertaken art as a subject at GCSE in school but took it no further academically, instead just doing a little in my spare time. I prefer sketching and painting without a teacher watching me at every moment, although I do miss my school days.

In my eyes, I’d say I’m a relatively good artist, and believe me, it’s taken a long time for me to accept that. With my low self esteem I do find it hard to think of what I do as good, and more recently I’ve been trying to make myself believe other people’s praise. And now i’m starting to understand, which is amazing! Actually feeling good about what you do is what it’s all about really, right? And sure, sometimes I feel as if i’m bragging, but it does make me feel better, and I never like to critique other’s art so in reality I don’t brag at all (that’s just the insecure me talking). Sorry…this is a bit fuffled xD Like my brain!

I love a whole variety of mediums (or media?), but I find my favourites are pencil and biro. I often use biro as a way to do quick art where I cannot be worried about getting it wrong, I just have to try – it’s the best way to learn! I’ve been experimenting for a while with acrylic and I get good results, but after a lot of time. And recently pastel has inspired me.

Here are some examples of my work:


I’m also considering doing commissions for some artwork. So I was wondering if anybody has recommendations for sites where I can sell commissions or ways in which to do so??



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