Yo! Sushi Faves

Today, as an after exam treat, I took myself and a friend to Yo Sushi, one of my favourite sushi restaurants. I’m going to do a short and sweet post about my favourite foods at the restaurant. And remember, I don’t eat raw fish so this is great for the fussy eater!


So how does Yo Sushi work? It’s not a typical restaurant, where you order your meal and have your menu taken away. Oh no…it’s much, much better, limiting social interaction as much as possible and providing your food ready plated on a conveyor belt for you to choose what you want, whenever you want. The selection includes various maki rolls, nigiri, hot foods such as gyoza and even desserts like mochi. You can order anything that you don’t see from the menu, which boasts over 100 different items! This includes vegan and vegetarian items too, and even items that would make kids happy šŸ™‚

So, which are my favourite items?

Avocado MakiĀ 

Sliced avocado in a sushi roll of seasoned rice and nori round the outside.


Chocolate Mochi

The. Most. Amazing. Dessert. Ever. They are a glutinous rice ball, filled with a creamy, rich, chocolate mousse. Okay, glutinous rice ball probably sounds a bit grim, but it’s only a thin layer and the mousse inside is so rich and delicious, the whole thing is amazing.


CucumberĀ Maki

Again, much like the avocado maki, but using cucumber and sesame seeds.Ā 


Spicy Pepper Squid

Succulent, crunchy fried squid with excellent flavourings. Topped with lemon juice, chilli slices and spring onions. These are really delicious and not too chewy, as squid can often be.


Ebi Roll

My favourite Yo Sushi roll, made with prawn katsu and avocado. The rice has a characteristic layer of purple something or other (I feel like i should know that). It’s relatively expensive due to the prawn but it’s worth the cost!


Popcorn Shrimp

These are crispy, deep fried shrimp bites. Whilst expensive, these are so good, being sweet, crispy and delicious! I don’t have this very often but they’re brilliant.


Prawn Katsu Curry

Two breaded prawns on a bed of rice and covered with katsu curry sauce. This is my favourite katsu curry and i’ve never experienced any katsu curry that tastes better!



Now these aren’t my fave, but I thought i’d add this in. These are little balls made out of octopus. They’re covered in mayo, a sauce much like brown sauce, and bonito flakes. They can be really tasty actually and are very traditional in Japanese street food!


Tofu Katsu Curry

Another great curry! The tofu is silken and absolutely beautiful, pairing greatly with the katsu curry.


Vegetable Chahan

This is a superb rice dish, made of fried rice and various vegetables. An absolutely amazing filler dish.


Vegetable Yakisoba

Classic yakisoba sauce over noodles, served with a variety of vegetables. It’s so tasty and the noodles are great to just slurp up!



So there we are, my favourite dishes from Yo!Sushi! Try Yo Sushi next time you’re by a branch and you’ll see why it’s so amazing. Just watch out for the water, they charge you unless you ask specifically for tap water!



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