Fairy Juice

I was really, really craving a milkshake earlier today, one of those sweet, sickly Nesquik strawberry ones….(as I’m writing this my stomach is rumbling). But trying to be healthy means those are completely off the menu, so I had to improvise.

This is how I came with the simplest, and kind of healthy, fruit milkshake idea. I grabbed my hand blender and popped a handful of frozen raspberries, a couple of tbsp of sugar and some milk into a glass. This was simply whizzed up and then changed according to taste. It was absolutely lovely, bright pink and really smooth – although to get greater smoothness I would sieve it to get out the seeds.

I was thinking, this could even be done with other frozen fruits like blueberry, strawberry etc, even mango!

And sorry for the awful photograph but here’s the amazing pink colour:

Raspberry Milkshake



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