How to stay fit when you’re weak as hell.

So my SO, recently posted about the basics of his fitness regime and how he works on staying healthy and building strength. Well, this isn’t going to be a post like that. No way in hell.

You see, I think my body hates me. Legitimate hatred, I swear. Okay no, I don’t actually have any proper diagnosed medical issues, I just seem to hurt….everywhere.

My knees ache, my back aches, my head aches, my wrists ache…..hypochondriac much? Oh probably.  But whatever I do, I always end up hurting myself in some way, limping for a few days, not being able to bend my wrist to the right, etc etc. This isn’t because I push myself too hard doing sports, I don’t even do anything too strenuous during the day, I just seem to hurt myself doing the small things. I can honestly be put out of action by carrying a cup of tea (not that I even drink tea, but that’s a different story – British people don’t be mad).

So how do I keep myself even a little bit fit? Well, I’m not a gym goer, I don’t run, and I often stay in bed all day long. First things first, I signed myself up for a kickboxing class in Edinburgh. This may seem like an intense impulse decision, but actually I am able to do as much work as I want to, practising with other people of my level. If it hurts I simply stop, which is fab for me. And in actual fact, being around other people and chatting to them is as good for me as the fitness is.

But even then, what about when I don’t have time to go out to a class, when I feel a little too …brittle? Honestly, it’s just the little things – I take the stairs instead of the lift, I walk places instead of getting the bus. A lot of it is really just common sense, that in this day and age you’re sure to hear about all over the place.

I also do what I call ‘soft’ exercises. Basically, sit ups on the bed, stretches on the bed, leg raises…you guessed it, on the bed. It’s the easiest way to exercise (a gym goer’s absolute nightmare more like). No, it’s not the best way to keep fit, but it’s my way, the lazy way. I also do press-ups against the wall, which is light and easy to do indeed.

And then my best of all exercise – squats whilst brushing my teeth. That’s two minutes of squats that I don’t even have to think about it!

Finally i’m going to talk about eating right. No, I am not on an incredible diet, I don’t eat kale and quinoa all day, and I could probably eat enough cheese in one day for four men. But I always eat at least 4 or 5 portions of veg a day, make sure I get in enough protein and try and stay on minimal carbs. I don’t eat meat and I do think that this is a good thing for me, and in addition, sweet food is always kept at a minimum – healthy teeth and body!

So overall, I am on probably the lamest and most studenty health routine, and it’s barely even a routine at all, but at least it’s something. It’s how I keep my body ticking along when my mind often can’t, and well, that’s really something 🙂




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