Visiting Falkirk

I’ve been home in England for four weeks holiday and now I’ve come back up to Scotland for the last term of the year. As a treat, my parents took me up to Falkirk, just an hour or so north of Edinburgh, where we visited the kelpies and the falkirk wheel.

The Kelpies

The kelpies are two large horse head sculptures, built quite recently. They are based on the myth of kelpies, which are horse-type creatures who lure people down into the water with their magical charm.

The two sculptures are around 30ft high and are absolutely amazingly made and crafted. The shape of them has really inspired me to try and create some artwork. But that is for another day.


The Falkirk Wheel

The wheel is basically a lift for canal boats. Such an amazing piece of engineering, and apparently (according to my Dad), it runs on just 8 kettles worth of energy!


Both of these are well worth a visit!



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