I cry. A lot.

As a student, I think it’s really easy to give up caring – about what others think of you, what you think of yourself….And so here I am, crying for the entire duration of a public bus journey back from uni to home. 

This is not the first time that this has happened – oh it’s actually a pretty regular occurrence…And you know what? I literally don’t give a damn anymore. I’m upset and it is okay to feel upset. Many people think that crying is a sign of weakness, that it’s wrong and you shouldn’t do it, but that is not true at all. Not in any way whatsoever. 

First of all, I am not weak, I am very strong. The fact that I am standing here today and still pushing through is what shows me that I am not weak. Sure, I break sometimes, but each time I do, I get back up and fix it.  I’m getting better as time goes on. 

Secondly, crying is actually in my eyes a great way to get out the sad.Find a quiet place and cry as loud as you can, scream it out at the top of a hill. Or find your friends and ask for a hug – they don’t mind being a shoulder to cry on, I swear.

I just felt like babbling some thoughts as I head home, and it’s good to share,vin my eyes. Even by writing this, I feel a lot better. Now to go climbing Arthur’s seat – the weather is absolutely fantastic for it.

Just remember, if you’re suffering in any way, that you’re not alone. Now this does not mean that your problem is less significant, it just means that others are there to help you through.

~ Kia 


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