Lonely Sushi Fest

Rolling sushi, dancing around in leggings and singing at the top of my voice to Christina Aguilera? Being the only one in the flat has its benefits sometimes!

A dragon roll was my main goal to make today, and honestly it turned out sublime. Unfortunately, Sainsburys didn’t have any tempura prawns so I bought some breaded chilli prawns instead. They worked just as well! And if you’re trying to be healthy and not have fried foods, you can just substitute in cooked, but not battered prawns.

Here is the recipe, broken down into steps (and some lovely pictures because i’m just that kind):

  1. Bake the pre-made tempura according to package instructions.
  2. Cook sushi rice according to package instructions. I used 250g uncooked rice to 330ml water. Make sure your pan has a tight fitting lid and do not open the lid at any point!
  3. Transfer the rice to a bowl and mix in seasoning – 3tbsp rice vinegar, 2tbsp sugar, 1tsp salt – folding it in with a wet spatula. Place a damp cloth over the bowl as the rice cools.
  4. Break a nori sheet in half and place on a bamboo rolling mat covered in clingfilm


  5. Add cooled rice to one side of the nori sheet, covering it all over with about 1/2cm of rice. When adding the rice, just use your hands, but made sure they’re wet so the rice doesn’t stick to your hands.
  6. Flip the nori sheet over so that the rice is on the mat. It will stick to the nori, don’t worry.
  7. Add prawns and cucumber to the nori.
  8. Roll the sushi using the mat, roll tightly and away from you. Once the two ends have met up, use the mat to shape into a cube like shape.
  9. Cut an avocado in half and slice horizontally along the length of it. Then flatten it with your fingers. Don’t squish too hard! Slide this onto the top of the sushi roll and then cover with the mat again to push the avocado onto the roll.
  10. Leave the cling film over the roll and use a sharp knife (I used a bread knife) to cut the sushi.
  11. Lay up on a plate and top with a squidge of mayo and sprinkle with some sesame seeds. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi on the side.


The costing of the equipment can add up to quite a lot, but I feel like it’s worth it and individual meals don’t cost the earth!

  • Nori £1.80
  • Sushi Rice £2.00
  • Rice Vinegar £1.85
  • Tempura Prawns £1-2
  • Avocado £0.95
  • Whole Cucumber £0.45
  • Wasabi Paste £2
  • Bamboo Mat £1.30

Total: £11.35-£12.35

Now, bear in mind, the nori, sushi rice, vinegar and wasabi will last a long time – at least 5 servings. The mat will last indefinitely! Therefore, if you do the maths, the base sushi set (without fillings or the mat) is £7.65. That’s £1.53 per serving. And then on top of that the veggies and prawns cost maximum of £3. So sure, maybe a little more expensive than the average meal, but it’s well worth it and much cheaper than eating sushi out.

Since i’d made so much sushi rice, I decided to make a load more sushi, including california rolls (surimi and avocado) and some hosomaki. I haven’t included the instructions but there is a picture below 🙂


Overall this was such a great meal and I’ve even been left with some leftovers for lunch (or midnight snack, knowing me)!



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