Sushi is Life

I could probably live off sushi alone. That is no joke – ask any of my friends and they will literally call me a sushi monster. The only problem is, I am a semi-vegetarian who does not like raw fish. But luckily, the availability of vegetarian sushi is growing so much now, meaning I can happily head off to YoSushi and gorge myself ❤

But I am lucky because I do eat prawns (bad veggie, I know!), and have recently come across “Dragon Roll” sushi. This is basically a sushi roll filled with cucumber and prawn tempura and then topped with sliced avocado, which act as the ‘scales’ of the dragon. I had this roll for the first time at a small restaurant called Maki & Ramen, and oh my goodness it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Between my boyfriend and I, we decided that this would become our new ‘signature dish’.

As a result, I decided to try creating this dish one afternoon, as a sort of practise.

Maki + Ramen Sushi

I used my YoSushi cookbook for the rice recipe and then just experimented with the rest! Since watching a few youtube videos, I’d gained a basic idea of how to do it and just headed straight in. This is always the way I cook.

Honestly, I found the end result was so incredible – better than even the restaurant sushi!
Served with wasabi mayo, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce, these tasted so delicious. The flavours were delicate and combined in such a lovely way. I’d suggest this as a great ‘starter sushi’ for anyone who doesn’t think they would like this wonderful Japanese dish.

Dragon Roll Sushi

Since first making my dragon roll, I have been craving it so much. (The kind of craving that even 7 plates of food at a buffet cannot fix). So I am hoping to make this again soon and perhaps upload some detailed instructions on how to create this roll.

Even if nobody reads this, at least i’ll have a written down set of instructions if I want to check it out another time 😉

~ Kia




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