F*** The Resolutions

Honestly, though, ‘New Year’s this…’, ‘New Year’s that…’, doesn’t it all get a bit boring? It’s dated and in all honesty not really my thing. Common New Year resolutions include dieting, going to the gym, giving more to charity etc. They all have a good purpose, a great goal and are logically a brilliant idea…right? … More F*** The Resolutions

The Crazy Cactus Lady

Sorry I’ve hardly posted anything in a while…I’ve been hella busy doing uni work and loads of work experience for uni (about 7 weeks this summer!). Plus including riding my horses and trying to see friends, I’ve been going crazy for sure. But still, I managed ¬†as a summer project to propagate and grow succulents … More The Crazy Cactus Lady

Horse Trials

Every August, back in Hartpury, Gloucestershire, a three day eventing trial occurs. Eventing, in the horse world, is a combination of three major equine disciplines: Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. It originated in the military and was introduced as an Olympic sport in the early 20th century. So what exactly are these different stages? … More Horse Trials

My Favourite Teas

I’m the most unstereotypical British person ever. I do not like tea. Well….I don’t like the bog standard black teas, those which the British are famed for drinking. Sure, I may get strange looks when I tell people I’d rather have herbal, but hey ho, I don’t think i’ll ever like black tea! Whenever I … More My Favourite Teas

Forgetful me.

So a few months ago I started on some antidepressants, and for the time being I think they may have actually started to work, helping me to get through my uni exams. I took them religiously and I did feel like I was on the path to recovery. Exams finished and I headed back home … More Forgetful me.


So one of my main hobbies, keeping me calm during my studies, is all kinds of art. But for me, it almost always has something to do with animals, and especially horses! It really detaches me from the world, preventing stresses and allowing me to escape. I’ve always had an arty side to me, with … More Artsy